As an exhilarating sport ‒ one which gets your heart pounding and your feet moving ‒ it’s not difficult to understand how paint balling could be good for you. Indeed, it’s rare when the things we enjoy actually bring benefits for our health and mind. However, with paint balling this is most certainly the case. Please find our list of paintball benefits below:

  • Health benefits: Paintball, like every other sport, is great exercise! A sport which combines running, carrying (at times) heavy equipment for hours on end and being outside; a paintball session can be better than a gym session when it comes to improving your overall fitness. The running gets your heart racing and your blood pumping, which is great cardio. Carrying different equipment trains your muscles to be stronger and more toned – what’s more to love? The best think is that paintball is so much fun, you barely realize that you’re exercising, which is perfect for those who don’t like working out.
  • Self-esteem: As paintball is generally played in teams, it requires you to engage your teamwork skills, answer to a leader, take initiative, help teammates, etc. All of this builds a sense of ‘team spirit’ which is good for your overall morale and makes you feel like you have accomplished something and are part of something bigger than yourself. Socializing is very important to build up your confidence, help you improve your self-esteem and create general feelings of well-being. It is for this reason that we at love paintball so much! Helping to work towards a common goal also makes you feel like you have accomplished something, making you feel productive.
  • Mental agility: Paintball, especially big, high-concept games like the Tippmann Challenge, requires strategy and tactical thinking. This keeps your mind agile.