Paintball, The Tippmann Challenge and Corporate events

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We at have noticed an increasing vogue towards managers, CEOs and team leaders choosing to take their staff out to paintballing sessions or weekend long paintball retreats. This is done as ‘corporate bonding’ a growing tendency in the corporate world towards encouraging workers to cooperate with members of their team in different forms of team-based games outside of the working environment.

The aim of such initiatives is to foster a friendly work environment, create a stronger team dynamic and work to encourage hard-work, strategic thinking and team-work within the office. It is also great for individual workers, helping them feel more connected to their colleagues and fostering a greater sense of self-esteem.

Here is our list of reasons why paintballing ‒and especially the Tippmann Challenge ‒ work so well as corporate team-building excursions.

Encourages Collective Responsibility: In large battle simulations such as the Tippmann Challenge, the players are split into two armies, this means that individual ‘soldiers’ are part of a wider community and have to work together to win. However, these armies are not so large that individuals get lost in the crowd and, when every life counts towards making a win, the pressure is on to keep trying your best to keep your team on top.

Encourages Strategic Thinking: In the corporate world, where the competition is fierce, creative thinking and a razor-sharp mind are necessary to stay ahead, and the strategic skills which are necessary to succeed on the paintball field are fully transferrable to the office. Being able to participate in the creation of a battle strategy is a way in to thinking up corporate strategy, a vital skill which less confident workers may have thought too hard for them. Additionally, expressing your strategy to a more senior player gives you experience of pitching ideas.