Gamers are not the most athletic bunch; that, however, doesn’t stop them from being massive sports fans and wanting some virtual exercise. Sports video games simulate the practice of traditional physical sports such as football, golf, tennis, wrestling, baseball, skateboarding, etc. They also model the athletic characteristics required by a particular sport, including acceleration, speed, accuracy, strength, and so on. Some great sports video games to try out include:

Virtua Tennis

Sega’s Virtua Tennis is a series of tennis simulation video games that offer stunning graphics and realistic courts, not to mention, challenging yet simple gameplay. Besides excluding female tennis players and lacking any major improvements, the game remains essentially ideal for tennis fans. The latest of this series is the Virtua Tennis Challenge.

Blitz: The League

This game viciously targets American football. It sees players get actively rewarded for headhunting opposing players, buying steroids for their players, leaving their opponent injured or with less stamina, and so on. This video game doesn’t follow the typical NFL rules but rather ‘win at any cost’. The game satirizes some of the worst elements of football. And, although some of its humor might miss the mark, it still manages to bring out some of the issues that are relevant even today.

Manager Zone

For those sports fans looking for a greater challenge, here’s a game that emphasizes strategy and sports management. Manage zone can be as casual or hardcore as you want it to be. Keep in mind that every decision you make as a manager can either make or break your team. Some of the best sports management games include Football Manager, Franchise Hockey Manager, Pro Cycling Manager, etc.

Punch Out

This game may not be the best representation of a boxing match today but it sure gave fans a new outlook on boxing. It features the underdog and the added bonus of meeting Mike Tyson in the finale. The gameplay is simple, neat, and tidy, but defeating Mike Tyson in the final match can be pretty hard. This classic game requires rhythm, sheer determination, and precise timing.