The history of the Tippmann Company

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Tippmann is the leading fabricator of paintball utensils and accessories. The company’s sole aim and goal is to produce stellar, top-of-the range products for an affordable price, making it the go-to brand for many. The company is committed to making durable, efficient products which will last as long as your passion for paintball.

Running since 1986, Tippmann has spent over thirty years at the top of the manufacturing game, making paintball markers and accessories to keep up with their fast-paced, demanding customers, whose eye for quality has been pushing the quality and demand for Tippman products steadily upwards.

After a merger in 2014, Tippmann was gathered under the GI Sportz conglomerate that includes Tippman, V-Force and GI Sportz goods. In the same year, Tippmann branched out into Airsoft products, storming into the lucrative Airsoft market. Also in 2014 (a truly great year for the Tippmann Company) the company launched the Tactical Compact Rifle, also known as the TCR, for competitive use in paintball. The superior model became an industry favourite soon after its release onto the market. The majority of Tippmann’s products, particularly recent outstanding models such as these, are made in the USA, specifically in Fort Wayne in the state of Indiana. The made in the United States label is of prime importance to Tippmann, which prides itself on American values of fair play, hard work, excellence and innovation.

In 2015, Tippmann renewed its pledge to support grassroots competitions, tournaments and contests. According to 2015 figures, the number of events which Tippmann sponsors is over 100, at venues all across the world. This provides the chance to not only encourage the good clean fun of paint balling, but also to grow its network of potential clients and future investors.