The Popularity of E-sports

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Many people have become aware of the rise of electronic sports played by gamers across the world, but may not have realised what a huge industry this is becoming, estimated to net around €1.5 billion by 2020.Some video game players are already in pools or teams with other players and are going after prizes of up to €24 million, so for the elite there are rich pickings if you become proficient. Of course this is not sport in the typical sense of the word and those wishing to become skilled in e-sports certainly have to put the hours in to get anywhere near the kind of leagues attracting the big players.There are usually two main formats which are first-person shooters where a player competes on an individual level and MOBAs, which stands for ‘Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.’ MOBAS have typically tended to be about two teams who play against each other with superhero qualities and a variety of strengths and weaknesses.Som people, however, take much more liberty with the term e-sport and apply it to certain segments that most gamers would not consider be apt.The FIFA series is increasing in popularity as an e-sport. Other types of e-sport include fighting and strategy games. Many of the e-sports tournaments are scheduled in large stadiums such as a recent event at Sydney Olympic park that attracted a crowd of more than 18,000 people, and the gaming scene is starting to become increasingly professionalised.It is envisaged that the reputation of e-sports will continue to grow and resemble traditional sports much more in the near future and a professional body now even exists, the World eSports Association. This will mean better pay, conditions and regulations for all those participating in e-sports and bring the industry one step further towards big league professional sports.