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Launched in 2006, the Tippmann Challenge is a paintball concept which is played internationally from Canada to Cape Town. The challenge takes places across the world, from faraway destinations like Mexico and Ottawa.The Tippmann Challenge has reached international acclaim and managed to keep going for the past eleven years for many reasons. It is famous for the safety of the participants, the scale of the game (typically attracting hundreds and hundreds of players), innovative scenarios, expert staff and technicians, great safety rules, and, most of all, an inviting and exciting atmosphere. For such a great event, it tends to be fairly priced, making it open to almost anyone with a passion for paintball.The activity is great for novices as well as paintballers with years and years of experience. Incredibly safe yet exhilarating, and high-concept enough to let more experienced players push boundaries and experiment; all participants gain detailed itinerary and missions for play on the day, and come away having learned new skills and strategies. The Tippmann Challenge lends itself best to battlefield simulation and creative concept games like humans vs. mutants.Certain Tippmann Challenges in specific locations are particularly well-known. For example, the event at Paintball Mirabel takes in more than 1,500 participants across a field of 7 million hectares. Mega paintball matches such as these are not to be missed and make for an exhilarating once in a lifetime experience. You can imagine that the memory of events such as these would stay with you forever and would definitely be something you’d want to tell your family and friends.Paintballing is great for team-building, family time, birthday parties, stag nights and corporate events. A perfect gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, fiancé′ or partner loves to paintball.Here at tippmannchallengeuk.com, we bring you all things paintball and introduce you to the wonderful world of the Tippmann Challenge with plenty of interesting articles about the event and its history, as well as tips and tricks for getting the best out of your paintball experience.